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Your Cooking Oil Could Kill You!

Did you know that all oils have a smoking point and that not all are the same?

Once an oil goes past its smoking point, it starts to break down and oxidize. Oxidized oil can be toxic, posing a health risk by possibly damaging the cells inside our bodies and presenting a risk factor for cancer.

This is why just choosing healthier oils is not enough, knowing the smoking point for the oils that we are using, depending on the dish that we are cooking, will prove to be a better and healthier choice.

TIP: When cooking the best oils to use are those with a smoking point above 400° F.

See the list of Oils and the smoking point chart below!

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What are the go-to healthy oils to eat while on #Keto.

Here's the list...

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Coconut Oil

Organic Butter

Avocado Oil

Hazelnut Oil

Walnut Oil

Sesame Oil

Grass-Fed Ghee

TIP: Ghee can be used as a butter replacement, although butter is less dense, creamier, lower in fat and calories.

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