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Missing French Toast on Keto?

Updated: Jan 24

Breakfast can turn into a dilemma when you're on Keto and this is because most of the dishes that we eat on this diet/lifestyle are egg-based.

I don't know about your household but in my house, we went through 78 eggs within three weeks and this is not an exaggeration!

And this is why when breakfast time comes around, the following question always comes up and that is, what do I eat for breakfast today that doesn't have eggs in it or at the very least, I can't see the eggs on my dish and most importantly can't taste them?

If this is how you feel, do I have a treat for you!

Who wants french toast?

#Frenchtoast #Ketobreakfast #Churrochaffle

OK, so this recipe requires an egg, but it's just one, also it's not a french toast recipe, it's the best darn #churro recipe EVER!

But this is what happens, if you add sugar-free syrup to these churros, voila, french toast!

And if on top of that you add some freshly home-made, sugar-free whipped cream, forget about it!

OMG, #foodporn people, I swear, it's that good!!

For instructions on how to make the best churros/french toast EVER, watch this video.

The best and easiest chaffle churros/french toast, low-carb & sugar-free! Super easy to make and only 4 ingredients needed.

Approx Macros without the sugar-free syrup:

3g net carbs

1g of fiber

22g of fat

21g of protein

300 net calories

Tips for better chaffles:

For fluffier #chaffles whisk the egg a bit more, for crispier ones, like for sandwiches and such, do the opposite. For an easier mix of sweetener and cinnamon, the sweetener & the cinnamon can be thrown in a paper bag, then place hot churros inside the bag and shake.

Don't take too long to get them out of the bag or the heat will render them soggy.

Chaffle churrros/french toast ingredients:

1 large egg

1/2 mozzarella cheese

2 tbs brown swerve

1/2 tsp cinnamon

Here are some Waffle Bowl recipe ideas:

Salad bowls, Taco Bowls, Keto ice cream bowl, crunch up a bit and use as croutons, etc.

The options are endless!

How easy you ask?

A 5 year old can make it!

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