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Keto: Top Three signs that you are in Ketosis

Updated: Jan 24

Do you know if you're in #Ketosis?

If you recently started the #Keto lifestyle you may already be in Ketosis and not even know it.

Of course, you can always buy Ketone testing strips to see if your body has reached the point of Ketosis, instead of guessing if you are.

But if you don't have any at hand, this information will help you figure out if you are or not.

First, let's discuss what is ketosis and what are Ketones.

What is Ketosis?

Ketosis is a metabolic process that starts when your body does not have enough glucose for energy.

Glucose is a simple sugar used by living organisms for energy.

In the absence of glucose, your body turns to stored fat for energy, hence the weight loss.

Once this process starts it is called Ketosis.

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What is Ketosis?

Your body will naturally turn insulin and sugars into a source of energy.

By depriving your body of sugar and lowering your carbohydrate intake, your insulin levels drop and your liver starts producing Ketones.

When your Ketones are elevated enough, you go into what is called Ketosis, which is a metabolic state induced by someone's diet.

Now, there are several symptoms or "side effects" that will let you know if you're in Ketosis and today we're going to discuss the top three.

Top Three signs that you're in Ketosis

#1 - One of the most common signs that you're in Ketosis is bad breath.

There's a Ketone called acetone, which resides in the body. This Ketone makes it's way out of your body via the urine and breath.

People report a fruity or acetone breath and this is due to Ketone levels being elevated.

#2 - Another common symptom of being in Ketosis is dry/cottonmouth.

Once in Ketosis, the body starts losing a lot of water and electrolytes. The Institute of

Medicine recommends that adults drink between 91 and 125 fluid ounces of water per day.

Therefore it is imperative that anyone on this diet not only drink plenty of water but to also take daily supplements and minerals to offset the depletion of such and have a healthier and happier weight loss experience.

Quick Tip: Pink Himalayan Salt possesses traces of minerals such as magnesium, potassium, and calcium. Therefore, it is recommended to use this salt instead of the regular table salt.

#3 - Constipation is another common sign of being in Ketosis.

Of course, the change of diet all by itself will do this due to the lack of fiber which is commonly found in fruits, vegetables, and bread.

However, the more that you go into Ketosis the more prevalent constipation will be.

This is why eating foods that are high in fiber or at the very least have some sort of fiber on a daily basis, is important.

Tip: A good source of fiber can be found in Shirataki noodles

Shirataki noodles, also known as the miracle noodles are made with glucomannan.

Glucomannan is a fiber which is extracted from the root of the Konjac plant.

The Konjac plant is native China, however, it is also grown in tropical and subtropical areas

such as Indonesia and Japan.

This particular one I use it personally when I want a nice bowl of "spaghetti". I love that it has a minimal amount of ingredients, that it's only 10 calories per serving and that it has 5g of fiber, which reduces the 5g of carbohydrates to 0.

To learn how to count net carbs in packaged foods, watch the video below which shows how to do it in three easy steps!

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