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Keto Sugar Conversion What's the Right Amount?

Updated: Jan 24

If you're on #Keto or are a #diabetic, when it comes to #sweeteners or sugar replacements there are certainly an array of options out there. However, not all sweeteners are created equal. Some are better for #baking while others are better for sweet drinks like lemonades and cocktails.

A lot of them taste like crap or leave a funny after taste while others just make you run to the bathroom immediately after consuming it.

Today, I am going to show you how to convert recipes that call for #sugar as an added ingredient into Keto delights by providing you with a sugar/sweetener conversion chart so you can create delicious sweet treats for your Keto or low-carb lifestyle.

This will definitely come in handy when your sweet tooth kicks in and as you progress with your Keto cooking/baking skills and get more creative in the kitchen.

I'll also let you know which are my favorites and why. For me, it was trial and error as I am sure it will be with you. Therefore, I would suggest that you try several of the different kinds of sweeteners until you find the ones that you prefer.

It goes without saying that being informed is your best weapon, especially if you are a diabetic because some of these "sugar alternatives" claim that they don't affect the Glycemic index and that is simply not true!


Let's first talk about my favorite which is Erythritol, a naturally occurring plant-based sweetener. It's the closest to sugar when it comes to flavor. There's not much of an after taste if any, but it could feel cool to the tongue for some people.

Erythritol is great for baking and for just about anything that you want to sweeten up.

The body does not metabolize these types of sweeteners, therefore it's 0 carbs and it does not impact the glycemic index. It does not tend to upset the stomach, but since people respond to certain foods in different ways, I would strongly suggest that when trying out new sweeteners to start slow and see how your own body responds to it.

Erythritol is a sugar alcohol which is naturally occurring in some fruits. The ones that we consume are a byproduct of the fermentation of corn or birch. Because it is a byproduct of it, it does NOT contain corn in it, so it is Keto and low-carb eating safe.

If you opt for the organic or birch kind, it will be a bit more expensive than the non-GMO corn type.

Erythritol does not caramelize and does not dissolve the same way that sugar does, therefore if your recipe calls for a smooth texture vs something a bit more grainy, I would suggest that you use the confectioner's kind instead.

As I said, this is by far one of my favorites in taste and it is great for baking as it is for cold drinks and dishes.


Now, let's talk about my second favorite sweetener which is Swerve, very similar to Erythritol when it comes to sweetness.

It can be used for both baking and cold dishes. However, although Swerve is mostly Erythritol, there is an after taste to it, something that doesn't bother me personally as long as it is not in large quantities.


This one is my go-to for sweet and hot drinks, number one because you don't need much of it and number two because you can get them in small one serving packets, which makes it easy for travel and just in general when you just want to sweeten something quick or on the go.

There are plenty of other great sweeteners out there, I just focused on my favorite ones and why I prefer them, but I do use others occasionally. Because the preference of flavors is subjective to the individual, you should do your own research by tasting as many sweeteners as possible to see what is more palatable for you.

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